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Bed Bug Behavior and Activity: Year-Round Threats | Pest City USA

Bed bugs have become probably the most unwanted roommates in our homes with their prevalence across America. Bed bugs are also a type of hardy and resilient insect that can tolerate the wide range of environments including very cold conditions. In this blog, we address a commonly asked question: Do bed bugs stay active year-round in warm […]

Industrial Facility Pest Control to Protect Businesses

Pests are loathsome creatures that can take a bite into the smooth functioning of industrial facilities. A business may experience pest-related damages in its warehouse, manufacturing floor, or even food processing areas and, at the same time, its name may become a victim of ruined image in customers’ eyes. This explains the urgency. Pest control is […]

Mice Infestations : Causes Risks and Solution

Mice proliferation is not uncommon and contributes much to the trouble homes in Detroit face. These pesky mice are not just a nuisance and some of them can be carriers of diseases and cause property damage. In this blog, we will navigate how mice invade your home, the hazards they pose and the practical measures to solve […]

Mosquito Control In Detroit : How To Get Rid Of Them?

Common around the house pest “mosquito” if not dealt will create more problems and that is exactly what everyone is after for as soon as the mosquito is reported it will be dealt with. Mosquitoes include not only the pesky insects, but they may also be vectors of malaria, dengue, and Zika viruses. In summary, mosquitoes who […]

A DIY Pest Control Guide: Considerations and Tactics

The Worst-case scenario for any homeowner is uninvited guests in the form of pests. Detroit, like any city, has its share of critters that can make their way into your living space. But if you’re in Detroit we can help you with some DIY to control pest infestation. DIY method for control Pest Infestation   […]

Pest Control Service Cost in Oakland County, MI

Pest infestations without Pest Control Service can turn a peaceful space into a nightmare. Whether it’s ants marching through your kitchen, rodents scurrying in your attic, or termites silently damaging your property, dealing with pests requires swift and effective action. In Oakland County, MI, where the diverse climate can attract a variety of pests year-round, having access […]